Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20th Century Series in Sculpture

"Static" alt view early 20th century metal, copper wire 2012

"No Brakes" early 20th century brake

"No Brakes" early 20th century brake alt view

"No Brakes" early 20th century brake alt view

20th Century Man 2012 Oxidized early 20th century Iron 
 20th Century Man 2012 Oxidized early 20th century Iron detail of torso

Stirring The Pot 2012  Oxidized early 20th Century Iron & Plaster
Stirring The Pot 2012  Oxidized early 20th Century Iron & Plaster alt. view

Monday, November 19, 2012

Art Meets Jewelry Collection by Kim Barry

So, this winter I am holed up in my studio at the family home here in perfect Pittsburgh incubation weather to create. Before closing the actual doors of my former creative house project, West Eleven, and temporarily leaving Los Angeles, a good friend handed me 40 pounds of  random vintage jewelry pieces, components, and thing-a-ma-jigs. He said I was the only person he knew that would be truly excited and think up something to do with them. Well, he was right. It's amazing how productive one can be in constant cold, wet weather. Now that I have opened the virtual doors of West Eleven, here are a few of my custom creations I have out for this coming Holiday Season. Each one is a one of a kind and as with everything has its own story. Who knew I would have an art jewelry line? It happens. Sport one.

See the entire collection of jewelry meets art at (click here) ---> West Eleven Shop on etsy!

West Eleven Shop--- makingartmakingfunmakinglove

Atari Life Was So Much Easier  Necklace $75

Stool Pigeon Necklace $65

ho ho ho Green Giant necklace $65

Dflowered Necklace $72

Who Clipped My Pearl Necklace $75


Leaded Heart Necklace $95

You Clipped Me Necklace $75

Amber Loves Pearl Necklace $75

PincHer Necklace $62
Who's Who Owl Necklace $65

Twisted Winter Bracelet $55

MOD + Square Necklace $75

 Let's Bowl Necklace $95

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Big Thanks to LA Art Compass



LA Art Compass- Navigating the LA Art Scene

 Tell it Like it Is

Spending time last weekend at a studio called West Eleven (at the Brewery artists lofts downtown), I had a chance to really soak in the fascinating work of Kim Barry. This is a woman that tells it like it is, and has a lot of work worth checking out.


To see more of this breath of fresh air, go to www.kimbarrystudio.com.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Rotting Idea

"A Rotting Idea" 
Acrylic and Screws on Drywall 
Kim Barry

Maybe the only real continual problem we face in society is not allowing a bad idea to die when its initial good has lost its purpose. Older generational mentalities have been amazingly adept at giving life support to a few ideas gone zombie. They fully invested in the early, televised ideal of the nuclear, materialistic, white collar, big insurance, big banking, big business, profiteering medicine, and legal drug dealing circles. They birthed and raised pharmaceutical companies, nuclear power plants, a $400 billion army, Monsanto, Dow Jones, Wall Street Reaganonmics, and the oil industry, They created lots of ideas—that turned into things- some at the beginning were sold to the masses as ideal in purpose, but many were based on fear, image oriented, and in opposition to the best in our  God given potential and trust.  The Ideas became money generating, familiar, and institutionalized (I loathe that word). These Ideas created a perceived, safe economic resource for “jobs” for themselves, their future children, and the future of their children’s children’s children’s children. But their children’s children’s children’s children look, think and act like monsters now. Those that aren't, are lashing out by literally going postal from knowing their future is being forced into a really bad past idea gone rotten. The same old ideas that need to die in order for their purpose to shine and grow for the benefit of themselves, their community, and nature. This overly controlling action shows the worst in lack of faith while simultaneously forcing an outward, perfectionist version of morality onto everything and everyone else outside their Barbie Highrises.  Quite frankly, unless you are Jesus,  I think  it's super controlling and egomaniacal to think your personal idea is so freaking great that it not only stifles one generation, but the 2,3,4, and 5 generations from newer ideas and growing realities????
Makes me think fondly of my own grandma's myth. My mother, living in her mother’s ideals, still swears by doing things the "old fashioned" way for everything!! Sometimes it is right on. Sometimes it is soooo not. I am the only young person that knows how to change a knob fuse from in 1910’s and any call to updating the home’s electricity is not only suspicious but hazardous!  Ok. Sure. I’m going to go up in the roof now and patch another slate shingle.

We want change but don’t want TO change. We want the image of change not real change. And adults have been following this mantra really well.
Children have no fear and know they will be happy with or without what most adults would have a nervous breakdown over-  healthcare, for example.
What is healthcare?
It began, I suppose,  as a virtuous mission to care for the well being of others while striving to learn new techniques in bettering lives, social health, and awareness. Right?
By my definition, healthcare is caring for the health of the all encompassing "us"- top to bottom. It is no accident that it is has deformed into an institution of sickness profiteering.
Remember hearing, "Oh you should be a doctor when you grow up! You'll be rich!" ? Enough said. That statement we’ve heard for 4 generations and has attracted more of a financial incentive to enter that collective conversation than a  primary care incentive. Case in point? Ask a doctor if foods do a body any good over the prescribed drug they just wrote. And what was a splint the country doctor fixed up for little Olaf’s broken arm for a dinner and cookies is now a $3,000 debt for the ambulance alone. $10,000 for the splint. Hmmmmm. That’s a rotting idea.
Currently, and generally speaking, it has transformed into an economy surviving off the causes and effects of toxic food, stress, depression, natural accidents, legal drug dealers. It has become profit driven through the  “Maintain Sickness. Do Not Cure. Do Not Report Real Causes” rule of thumb from hospitals, Monsanto, the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies. All the CEOs of these “ideas gone institution” are in it for the money and that’s why they are on top setting the current tone. All the little people within each institution go along with it. It lost its idealism and integrity long ago. My grandmother said she saw this coming while she was head nurse of a prestigious hospital in upstate New York in the 1940’s. “They’ve lost the “care.” She would say to my mother.
Why does this happen?
 “I NEED A PAYCHECK, KIM, so shut up with all this idealistic talk. It’s just a job!!! I can’t fix the world and I just don’t know what else to do.”
  I reply, “It’s just a job until it gets you, too.”
If someone walked into a hospital with a true cure for anything, the Hospital administration, the doctors, the pharmacudical companies, and every Sickness Research Center and Donation Non-profit would be fighting to shoot him first and burn the evidence. Why?
A massive economy has been created here!
Fear of change.
Loss of control.
Over belief in Money.
 Under belief in a Phoenix rising from its ashes.
What would we do with ourselves????? We fixed ourselves out of this specific work idea, familiarity, stability, 5 Mercedes, and a Martha Stewart Living subscription!!!!!
It would be an economic crisis  in America!!!!!
This is just one example of how this  mentality has distorted so many opportunities to work in THEIR time to truly make for a faith based progressive world. I find it funny when hearing the words, “faith-based,” “conservative,” and “suspicion” all expressed in the same thought. There is no fear or doubt in the concept of faith. 
In lieu of the healthcare industry, we could insert the oil industry, the real estate market, the meat industry, the banking industry,  the for-profit federal government, and the conformity based federal education as further examples of  ideas gone rotten from loss of care and faith into dependence, greed and deformity.
Generation X saw their former best intentioned, Flower Power parents buckle to their own ideals and initial actions only for many to fall into their own nuclear parents fearful world. 800,000 lawyers and doctors were born in the 1970’s after college kids put down their signs and shaved their Afros. And let’s be real here, maybe only 1% of the population of that generation really got it, believed in their actions and purely acted on it.  But even those who made the impact and those masses beginning to get it, still receded into a safety-first mentality. And then the money became really, really nice. Those initial actions did not die, though. The thoughts and ideas were whispered into the ears of the babies. Parents, who had gotten timid, quieting hoped their kid would have the balls to create a better world.
Just by having kids, you are expressing trust that things need to naturally change. Why do we stifle and instill fear in them when it becomes their turn to shine? Hey you in the ironically worn WWJD Tee, well you tell me, buddy. 

Even with this progress, many times, I hear parents say, “You can be anything you want as long as you fit an already solidified and respected profession that was created one to three generations ago. The frontiersmen of America were allowed to be creative back then. Now we just need money and sustainability from you, ok? Furthermore, you can fix this dilapidating system from within even in your own little way but the institutions, themselves can never really change or put to rest or it would be anarchy. In other words, pretend to change- don’t change. Maybe just  change the drapes, k? ”
By the 1990’s everything that had been building in the last century was stinking of toxins in cannibalistic thought and motivation with a Wall Street, bottom-line focus. Need I say more than this-  that era birthed Nirvana. Enough said.

It was the 90’s. An entire youth generation was in grunge. I looked like crap in a XXXL flannel, cutoff jean shorts, unbrushed hair, and military style ballet shoes. We were all depressed and angst ridden before Reality Bites made it cool and fashionable. Children know when their hands are tied. They express it only for adults to drug them into stopping their new action from being expressed any further, and then the adults wonder why so many children are 10 times more depressed, hopeless, and go frigging postal.
The 1990’s youth saw the rottenness of their grandparents and parents’ laid down limited options in, by then, had become destructive action as a good economic path for their lives. To pappy and grandpappy’s credit, it seemed a good idea at the time when THEY were young, but the bads were now outwaying the goods. What else for the children to do but dive into the closest coffee shop and play slacker? The youth with any heart knew how jacked up the institutions were. Those that took the “I-will-fit-in-even-if-it-means-losing-my-soul-to-make-money” pill and proceeding to build up the marketing industry of the 1990’s, the revamping of reality tv and MTV, well, there is a special place in hell for you guys between Dahmer and Kujo.  Woof woof…….
Faith-based living is not expressed by doing whatever hurts yourself and others in order to succeed and be accepted. You cannot be a compartmentalized coward and say, “Well, I was just doing my job." It's  a rotten idea.

Another Idea—
Faith based is trusting that each moment that unfolds is a gift to put to good use, even if we may be hesitant on a step or two. We keep walking and trusting and it all will be ok and what dies a natural death is for the better.
Could faith be a sign of youth? Yeah

How about language?
What’s the magic of generational language?
Every generation has a language. Every language dies with that generation. What if there was someone who could jump the generational languages. Learn each one of them as they go. Would they live? Would they die? You start with one generation. Learn that generation’s language and that’s symbolic of  learning that language changes, ideas change, actions change and its all for the better. Unless you allow fear to be the language and that’s regression. So there’s that. So as long as it is loved based, child like, faith based circles of new youthful language- what if that is the fountain of youth?
Could be.
What if our own words were what  killed us? What if our own thoughts were what aged us? What if we could reverse it with the reversal of our own heads—in our thoughts—in our words? Words are magical. I think its true.
It’s so effing late right now. Maybe I am in a dream or maybe you all know this already and bored with all this stuff that is only new to me.
I have been doing an experiment for some time now.  I find that those who tune in to the ever evolving language of the youth, seem to be in a more optimistic, open minded, youthful in body, mind, and soul.
It is the language of new ideas, open doors, new sounds, new movements, and yeses.
Those that stopped new ideas, language , and movement after high school, college, or upon entering the job market--- Well, at the very least, you need a new haircut, k? Oh wait….. I think it just came back in.
For many, pure ideas stopped with the utterance, “Grow Up”
The concern for others’ perception of you is what really “grows” as your beautiful, free, spontaneous being gets squeezed into a one page resume that must always look top notch, look loyal, and look consistent. Your image of what you do becomes more important than your honest, spontaneous action in being you. Your thoughts become routine. Your dress becomes routine. Your routine becomes routine. And all to often you reply- “Oh, I am too old for that.”
You believe it.
Your body follows suit.
The end.
When thoughts stiffen
The body stiffens.
When the spirit of a person is smothered,
You can see it in the eyes.
When the stress takes over after a time
The weight gains
The hair grays
The wrinkles tell the story of what is going on inside
Good news,
This can be reversed.
And I am not talking plastic surgery.
I was older at 18 to 25 than now
It’s all in your spirit
When you are weighed down by “life”
And the no’s out way the yes’s
It’s all seen
When you start letting the yes’s  out way the no’s
 letting go of  the crap they throw at you knowing that it truly doesn’t  matter
It doesn’t exist
All the prisons unlock.

And there’s so much fear that is thrown at us.
If you don’t pay all your bills at exactly the right time, at EXACTLY the right time,
And your credit score is not perfect perfect perfect
And your job history isn’t perfect perfect perfect
And everything you do isn’t perfect perfect perfect
Oh my you will lose all of it
You are going to be homeless
You are going to be jobless
No one is going to love you
It’s so sad and people believe it
Is this the idea of living we have been handed down to value and protect at all costs?
I’ve been saying this since 2005—Throw away your television. Throw it out!
That’s the number one way it gets in your head. And it’s so sad that people pay to get brainwashed into prisons. It just blows my mind.  Maybe tv started perfectionism in a way.
Like that weird commercialized sense of perfectionism like the reality never matched up to the commercial whereas it should really be the reverse.
So many ideas gone rotten when they have outlived they stay and have been on life support for the singular incentive of money.
Let us let the children do what they do best. Maybe we will allow ourselves to think the same way someday. Let's forget numbers and routined, prescribed deadening language and keep the youth in our heads. Maybe we can start with a 21st century taking care of each other rather than the 20th century's mission of just making money. There’s my idea. Oh, and when this idea goes rotten, please throw it away.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Derivatives called Love

Julia 2008
Photograph  by Kim Barry

What's braver than giving love to those you simply care for without their permission, possession, or prudence- without their reaction, return, or regard? No war hero metals compare. Too many have lived too closely to life without it and the dark places that are created when the heart  is not fed. What then is braver than  creating a life, a reality of faith that materializes into spaces that magnet those that need it, want it, give it, and spread it through the basic religious  action of coming together  and leaving isolation at home. It has the power to instantly transform our thoughts, words, actions, interactions, and lives- 

Forever and for better. 

Imagine there is no contract, no expectations, no false guilt-driven, blood draining, future unmutually decided commitments drawn up as terms and compensation for the illusion of it from one person to the other. An illusion, it could only be. In that light, it is not love,  but a series of desperate,  controlling ropes attempting to tie up one's life to an imaginary buoy of safety and, then ..... Crap!..... they quickly realize they don't want to drift in their web of stinky seaweed alone. 

As that definition of love is generally understood, many people run screaming from me like I'm Baby Jane when I say I love them off the cuff -- no pretense, just an "is" thing. With what that word's heavy balls and chains seem to mean by most people, I'd be more appropriate in my approach as a medieval torture device.

 Even though the greats though the ages preach of a truer, free love,  we like are familiar prisons, don't we, no matter the draft? I hear people convincing themselves with their language that love is a daily grind of limiting conversation of should's, "sacrifice", and a constant questioning of what is allowed and approved by the other, their family, their friends, the dog, the mailman, and that all knowing seer of critical, self imprisoning thinking, Rush to a Limpball,  as they tune-in in perfect, commuter time for the latest fashionable, fascist thought. It comes down to what effing color their undies should be today. And everyone can agree it is acceptable, nay, desirable, if you choose the exact ones like the store mannequin. No wonder we now call the dark things, light, and the light things, dark, and take prescribed drugs to suppress the natural urge to questions that are constant bubbling up from retarded living. 

I hear people making love into being a cash call on the premise that who loves you the most, spends the most on you. And the idea of mutual respect,  understanding, and honest conversation to begin with? Well that' s just silly.  It's a one way street. Cut and dry. He gets me my blingy bing and it's Open Sesame for my magic doors. Sounds like more of a business profession to me. Could this be why the honest side of that conversation is illegal? Too many nervous breakdowns would arise with the Stepford Wives if the mirror was unveiled in plain terms of business first, love zero. If you are looking for that zoo,  we got a bunch of gorillas on Wall St. in just such a conversation with many a funny-money,farmed raised, Material Girls and the boys can't get enough profits in their penises.  Kinda funny to watch but  they like to steal wallets from viewers and newbie players.  You have been warned.  No wonder, those on the freedom trail comprehend love as more of a dark crystal of life-- ready to suck their life force out by way of staring at its luscious boobies for 10 seconds. as they momentary come to and think, "Wait... Did I pay for that boob job, too? Where'd my credit card go?! Eff."

Let's get better with ourselves  and each other- whatever  that may be. Why? Because we are just chasing derivatives called love in the hope of finding the real thing, right? We wouldn't continue to be miserable pricks if we were just satisfied with our twisted veil of the word if we wanted just the derivative, right? The real power juice is all around if you plug into it and let it out of yourself. Surprise, jar, and inspire it out of someone else by saying those words, mean it, feel it, and then walk away when possession will kill it. I call it practical use in freeing up a perfectly misused, misunderstood word that if used properly, would change heaven to earth and earth to heaven. It's a magic word unfortunately held prisoner by dark crystal forces of controlling, capitalist, cunning. Use your best case imagination by coming to every person and situation with the belief that you are ok and the world is ok and this new person is ok, too. I don't need to own or be owned to share what it is I want and desire- love. It works best without cages and ropes, unless 
your into that thing, then have fun but try to come out occasionally for air.  We'd all like to see you now and again.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kim Barry by Photographer Mark Hanauer

A few months back, I met Mark here at The Brewery, during a throw back to preteen pizza party thrown by Daniel Rolnik, the LA art scene champion & glue, and Ryan MacIntosh, Art Is Shit screenprinter. He wanted to do a photo session and I said, yes. Thank you, Mark for  allowing my muse energy to continue through your keen eye and stellar talent.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kim Barry grew a ball for the "I've Got Big Balls" Charity Event August 2,2012

Got Big Balls? 

My big guy is one of 100 heading to auction

The "I Got Big Balls" Charity Exhibit 
hosted by 
Ghetto Gloss Gallery
 Aug 2, 2012 
The Wilson Harding Clubhouse. 

100 Balls by 100 Artists

Come out for it if you got  'em ; )

On Thursday, August 2nd, for one night only, Ghettogloss presents its golf-inspired exhibit, “I Got Big Balls” at the Wilson Harding Golf Course in Griffith Park. The multi-media exhibit, includes video projections, a surprise band singing their own rendition of ACDC’s “I Got Big Balls”, and 100 golf balls, each with its own artistic spin by one of the 100 participating artists, hand-signed, of course.

The artist roster includes a heavy contingent of fine art heavy-hitters, a selection of street artists, as well as a large group of multi-talented individuals whose disciplinary talents range between music, writing, acting, and fashion design. Confirmed artists include Dogtown skateboarding legend Tony Alva, L.A. street artist Luke Chueh, Legendary Singer/Songwriter Allee Willis, artist/ musician extraordinaire Moon Unit Zappa, and Sons of Anarchy actor Michael Ornstein. A portion of the proceeds from sale of the art will be donated to the “Free Arts for Abused Children” program, www.freearts.org.

With a following of over 10,000 art and culture enthusiasts that includes fine artists, musicians, writers, as well as Young Hollywood, Ghettogloss has been a strong supporter of the local Art Scene in L.A. for over 13 years. Its founder, Fiora Boes, a painter and photographer herself, was inspired by the green and white atmosphere of the golf course and the nature setting of Griffith park, as well as the aerodynamic simplicity and aesthetic of the golf ball itself. “It’s summer, you want to be outside, especially in LA. So what perfect way to combine the best of LA’s art scene with the outdoors, than to have an exhibit focused on the golf ball?” says Boes.

DJ Miss Bliss will spin I got Big Ball mixes, while attendees sample the club house’s food and drink offerings, and enjoy the roaring fire pit. The event, sponsored by Indie Hotspot (www.theindiethotspot.com) and Agenda Magazine, opens at 7 pm and ends at midnight but warns attendees that they must drive into Griffith Park by 10pm as the “In- gate” closes at 10pm sharp. The balls will be on exhibit between 7 and 10 pm at the Wilson Harding Golf Course in the heart of Griffith Park. The event entrance is free and open to the public, directions to the Golf Course and additional artist information and pricing will be provided upon RSVP’ing to ghettogloss@ghettogloss.com.

ABOUT GHETTOGLOSS: An active supporter of the L.A. art scene and in particular the Street Art and Graffiti scene of Los Angeles since 1999, Ghettogloss features L.A.’s brightest and emerging art talent with monthly art exhibits and events, and studio art rentals. www.ghettogloss.com.
ABOUT INDIE HOTSPOT: Launched in 2006 by Agenda Magazine, Indie Hotspot promotes the most promising rising, emerging, and established talent in music, art, film, and fashion through media coverage and events. www.theindiehotspot.com

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dream On

The Dream Map Installation went public for 10 days on the corner of Micheltorena St  and Sunset Blvd starting June 9th, 2012 as part of the Silverlake Art Craft and Vintage Festival and then, well,  I did what any public installation artist would do........ left it.  How would these hipsters, parents, bus takers, and graffiti control trucks react to a 20'x 16' Dream Map that asks you to come up the little table provided, manifest through writing your deepest heart's desire for your life on a dream cloud, pin it to the map, then opening a little cigar box and take a little piece of paper with the message "yes." Could it last one night? Kind of a miracle it did. Apparently, they liked it  and The Map filled up quickly.

 Over those 10 days, I stayed busy refilling clouds, pins, and pencils from participants or from people who clearly never heard of the $1 store.... who steals a jar of push pins?!?! Cheap masochists?

Here are some highlights of what I hope to be the start of many Dream Maps placed on public streets and parks all over LA and beyond by yours truly for people to begin living from and for their heart & imaginations. I need help funding the expansion of this project- for more info visit- http://www.kimbarrystudio.com/2012-dream-map-installation.html

or contact kimbarrystudio@gmail.com

a father helps his son write a dream