Monday, December 19, 2022

SixThreeFouR Online Art Gallery Is Live

We are happy to announce that SixThreeFouR has a virtual art gallery showcasing the work of Clark E. Creamer and Kim Barry Studio. Please contact us with any inquiry at or 904-662-1687. 

Virtual Art Gallery


Florida Vintage Postcard Series: 
Clark E. Creamer brings us back to the nostalgia of Florida's Eccentric History,  Mystery, and Fascination. Recreating vintage postcards from the 1930's to the the 1940's to a larger than size, Creamer makes the past come back to life.  

Bold City:
a collaboration between husband and wife, Kim Barry and Clark E. Creamer under the pen name "Edwards", Bold City is a celebration of the imagination of our beloved Jacksonville, Florida. Recreating somewhat familiar scenes, but not quite, this series sparks ideas of what is possible through the design style of the Art Deco meets 21st century. 

Classic Abstracts:
Kim Barry has pushed the boundaries of what abstract can be with her large scale experiments including the Paintings without canvas. A mix of clear flexible epoxy and acrylic paints create a unique flow of abstract expressionism. 

Portrait Series
by Kim Barry  by Commision, Clients can have their photo memories immortalized in a whimsical fashion. 

Superhero Series:
Recreating vintage comics Superheroes as large scale paintings, Clark E. Creamer, brings life back to childhood memories and imagination. 

Thursday, November 24, 2022

New Bold City Series is Now Available

 Bold City Series 2022 Now Available

A new collaboration with my husband, Clark Creamer, celebrating our beloved hometown of Jacksonville, FL. It has been monikered as "The Bold New City of the South" for a couple decades. It has been the largest small town in the country for a while. We now see how this is coming true in 2022. Blending Art Deco, Futurism and Impressionism - this series encourages its viewers that the future of Jax and beyond is simply through our imaginations.  We are signing our series under the name "Edwards" 

Contact SixThreeFouR to schedule a private viewing. 

4228 St. Johns Ave. 
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Highlights from HoldingCourtInc. HomeComing 4/30/2022

Courtney Barriger and Kim Barry invited the public to celebrate a night of fashion, music, art, and story-telling April 30, 2022.

Courtney Barriger, native of Jacksonville, brought her game-changer design house, Holding Court Inc., home for a week of celebration. Her latest collection was highlighted throughout St. Augustine Fashion Week, May 5, 2022 at the Lightner Museum.

Here are some highlights from the special pre-view party to celebrate her journey the last 10 years in building her dream of sustainable fashion, art, story telling and more.

"I’ve always been drawn towards things that are inexplicable. The dreams we have at night that sometimes reveal truths you couldn’t possibly know, the times we sense things about other people’s lives… without having been told. The invisible. I’m curious about consciousness, its’ history, and where it is going. And when I turn to my art, the mystery of what I am looking to uncover comes out there. Between drawings, paintings, and stories, my art takes a mystical edge. I’m curious about how our internal world interacts with the physical world. The science of what is happening there, and the spirit. And to me, that connection makes the bodies that house our souls sacred, and it also makes the entire space we live in, Planet Earth, sacred. It’s not just about having clean air, I want to honor the planet as a part of myself. And being drawn to beautiful things, as I am, that has extended into fashion as well. Last year I launched my sustainable fashion brand Holding Court to offer a clean solution to your at home basics that are organic and pay a living wage to the manufacturers. The Fashion Industry is considered one of the top polluting industries in the world, and that bums me out because I love beautiful clothes. So I am telling the story of sustainable fashion, and making it to do my part to keep my connection between the world and spirit clean. I’m very, very excited this year because I think it will be the year I can share a project with you all that is dear to my heart. The Royal Robe is a children’s book of verse I wrote and illustrated that shares the story of how toxic fashion is, but set in a fantasy world where the characters learn to transcend grief and identity. It’s is going to print in Hong Kong with The 14th Factory Art Gallery, and will be available online. Honestly, I think it’s my best work yet. It will be my 4th published book, and my 10th full series of curated art. Do check out my brand and my artwork if you are at all curious. Would love to connect with anyone who is curious about sustainability in fashion and who just wants to talk about the mysteries of life. I’m always down." 

-- Courtney Barriger ShoutOutLA Interview March, 2021

Kim and Courtney have collaborated and encouraged each other in many adventures and projects since 2011. Barry has recently returned to Jacksonville after her own 10 years of adventures and is delighted to host at her latest creative space, SixThreeFouR.


HOLDINGCOURTINC.'S Courtney Barriger and I have a candid chat about seeding success


Up Next at SixThreeFouR

We are so excited to announce a very special public event coming up at the studio! Nykia Jackson will be premiering her work… Tickets $15. Come enjoy and celebrate her story, her stunning portraits, and get inspired.


Wednesday, March 9, 2022

SixThreeFouRJax Radio is Live


SixThreeFouR is now broadcasting live Monday through Friday 12pm - 3pm with the best of Jax Music and beyond! Tune in and enjoy! Hosted by yours Truly,, each show is archived so follow and listen anytime you want! 

listen in Monday - Friday 12-3

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

SixTHreeFouR hosts its First Concert of 2022!

Tickets here —-

SixTHreeFouR hosts Eureka Springs and Visitation with Special Appearance by DJ BoboRose and Opening the Night is Noah Coleman

SixThreeFouR is excited to host its first concert night with the amazing music of

Eureka Springs (Cory Driscoll) and Visitation ! 

OPening for the night is singert songwriter Noah Coleman

and special guest DJ BoboRose will be making an appearance throughout the event. 

Eureka Springs Music Link

Visitation Music Link



WHEN: JAN, 29, 2022 

TIME: 6PM - 10PM 




Outdoor Picnic Style seating- bring blankets, BYOB, food, snacks, fold up seating chairs, etc whatever you wish for comfort during the concert. 

Weather Update!!! We have added campfires, a smores and hot cocoa station, and wine bar for the cold weather. We we hold the concert regardless and heat the spaces for you. Bring your warm clothes! 

About SixThreeFouR:

The PREMIER ART STUDIO and EVENT SPACE Located in the Arts District of Historic Avondale, SixThreeFouR is a blend of style and addition to hosting our own calendar of events in our amazing community of Avondale, SixThreeFouR caters to private events, weddings, product launches, meetings, workshops, exhibitions and filming. No matter the function, we are the ideal event space rental in Jacksonville, FL. ​ Totaling over 3,500SF, SixThreeFouR has been designed to maximize capacity with its indoor/outdoor spaces. With minimalistic eclectic urban designs and nature based garden landscaping, SixThreeFouR brings all the charm to your event right in the city. ​ Conveniently located, near some of the best new and historic hotels, restaurants and nightlife the city has to offer, you will fall in love with this captivating space. Exhibit JOY.

SixTHreeFouR Website

Monday, January 10, 2022

SixThreeFouR is now in Jacksonville, FL !

SixTHreeFouR began as the pop up summer studio space of, artist, Kim Barry, in Pittsburgh, PA. It's mission was to be an experimentational platform for her latest work and for invited guest creative friends from all over, to take over the space for an evening or more with their own ideas and experiments for an intimate evening with guest audiences. Over the years, it became a community spot filled with nights of local neighbors and friends experiencing art exhibits. concerts, campfires, and film screenings. It hosted grammy nominated bands and award winning filmmakers and artists from all over the country in an intimate setting. 

​SixThreeFour has now found a new home in the Historic Avondale District of Jacksonville, Fl in 2021. It will expand on its community building mission by offering itself as an event rental space for private events, special occasions, workshops, and meetings. 
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