Sunday, September 1, 2013

Abandoned Europe Virtual Group Exhibit at Alex Solodov Contemporary Art Gallery

Thank you to Alex Solodov for including my most recent installation, "Hathor" as part of this virtual exhibit of 80 artists around the world talking a very potent conversation.

Enjoy the show and the links. 

To support funding for the Lisbon real life exhibit of this show, please scroll down and click the link on Alex's funding page below. 

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Featured artwork

Abandoned Europe 2013

In the time of economical crisis in Europe we would like to focus on spiritual value of art in our new exhibition project "Abandoned Europe". The theme of exhibition is an artistic reflection of the other "shadow" part of European life in present and past. Including esoteric traditions in culture as kabbalah and Alchemy and their influence on modern culture. And also the impact that carriers of cultural traditions from other continents have on European culture.
Our exhibition has a three sections:
In Conceptual Art, Photography and Video Art section are involved:
In Hystorical Documents section we present the compilation from the most unbelievable book in the world written in Italy on unknown language in 15 century - the Voinic Manuscript and the most mysterious book of 20 century - Red book by Carl Gustav Jung. And the key book of Alchemy -Rosarium Philosophorum
Video Presentation

Conceptual Photo Art by Alex Solodov

Conceptual Photography by Chad Sinse
Conceptual Documentary Photography by Fabio Roque
Conceptual Video Art by Jennifer Sims
Conceptual Photo Art by Francesco Romolli
Conceptual Art by Kimberly Barry
Conceptual Collages by Lemock
Conceptual Instalation by Marko Vojnic
Conceptual Photography by Nina Bumbalkova

In Painting, Drawing and Digital Art section are involved:
Digital Art by Alex Solodov
Painting by Clirim Ceka
Painting by Flavio Galvan
Painting by Gustavo Posadas
Jane Baghori
Digital Art by Jane Baghori

Painting by Keshav Malla

Painting by Moran Haynal

Painting by Peter Heij

Painting by Roza Oudgenoeg

Painting by Samina Islam

Painting by Sara True
Melissa Ann Lambert

Digital Art by Melissa Ann Lambert
In the Historical Documents section we represent compilation from two famous books:
The first one is the Red book by Carl Gustav Jung
and the second is Voinich Manuscript.
Those are very mysterious books. The first one is dedicated to the world of unconscious and the second is the most unbelievable book in the world written in Italy on unknown language in 15 century. We have found the same features in these books, and have discovered, by our opinion, that these features are drawn from the principal laws of the nature.

Red Book by Carl Gustav Jung

Voinich Manuscript
And the last part of our exhibition is the whole set of illustrations of the ancient Rosarium Philosophorum book.

Rosarium Philosophorum
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