Tuesday, December 23, 2014

These guys are heading to Oxford, England.......

  having just been accepted to be exhibited and available to collectors at

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Feb. 6- Feb. 8, 2015 

21st Century Man
iron 12" height
Kim Barry 2013

detail of 21st Century Man

Split Mind 2014
iron 7" by 7"
Kim Barry

Static 2013
iron and copper wire
22" height x 7" wide
Kim Barry

Seattle gets YesBalled

so I took a vision quest this past fall. It took alot of twists and turns, faith and pitfalls, and 10,000 miles clocked in various cars, plenty of random unwelcome but strangly the meal ticket mall stops, and 30 hotel/motel/ holiday inns, but my ultimate goal, which will remain personal, was to connect but making art out of life's ride is what will always arise. One fun way was in the form of Yesballing Capital Hill in Seattle, WA. Funny how where I placed one, I found in retrospect, there was a reason and a story behind each spot. Here are some pics of public art meets personal act of love. Over 40 Yesballs got dropped. Here are a few.....