Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome 2012 Exhibit

Welcome 2012 Happening- artist Kim Barry explores where our minds and hearts are at in America. The exhibit is built around the social interactive installation- The Dream Map- which engages each viewer to share their deepest heart's desire for their life. What can be learned from the answers and what forward movement does this conversation have for each person? The installation will be up all 2012 and will be collecting dreams from all over the United States. To learn more on how to share your dream- click onto the "Across America- Dream Map Project ' page at the top of the menu. View photos of the opening below.

The Dream Map Installation 2012

"Disconnect II" acrylic on drywall 

"Wasted Potential" Installation 2012

detail "Wasted Potential" Installation 2012

 "Tad" breaking through the concrete and "I'm BR OK E" acrylic, stencil plastic, nails, on drywall

rear wall of exhibit includes from left- "Wasted Potential," "I'm BR OK E," "TAD" on floor , and "BLOCKED" 

"BLOCKED" Installation 2012 laser cut wood panels, easel, scrap antique wood panel, paper

detail "BLOCKED" Installation 2012 laser cut wood panels, easel, scrap antique wood panel, paper

from left   "BLOCKED" Installation, "Buried Child" 2007 ink, acrylic, screws, on drywall, and antique milking jug on floor

seating area for Dream Map includes the painting- "Slow Trains for Heavy Guns"2010 along stairs- dirt, nails, canvas, and acrylic on canvas 

front wall includes top- "A Rotten Idea" 2008 acrylic on drrywall and on bottom "What You Have Capitalized Upon" 2011 acrylic, charcoal, canvas, 1970's CHUG-A-MUG decals

Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome 2012- A Happening

West Eleven has its next Happening, "Welcome 2012," Jan 14, 2012 7:30pm to 11:30pm

During this event, West Eleven unveils
The 2012 Dream Map Installation.

Originally conceptualized and installed in Jacksonville, FL by Kim Barry and Joey Thate at their former studio/gallery, Suite106, West Eleven is proud to announce the resurrection of this installation as an exercise for everyone across America, to create a fresh start and set your life's goals free.
Question begins simply - Money or Dream?
As Americans, historically, our belief in our dreams for our individual and collective lives captured the imagination of the world.
We inspired.
Presently, the overwhelming influence, focus, and one track drive of dollars and cents has seemingly become the bigger belief. A step further on the subject, one might even suggest that it has become a reason not to dream anymore for individuals. The current hold on financial resources by the banks and the corporate interests seems to create a blockage, an obstacle, and a deterrent. Many of us believe the dreaming can only be left to the top tier of corporate America. There is no more room to create our own reality in our current world.

Is is true?

The goal is to transform the map of play money into the dreams of as many as possible. So please share and pass on this symbolic action of hope with all you know. We need it now.
Symbolic Action creates Physical Reality Action- there is your secret to the real revolution. Begin now.

for more information- visit