Sunday, September 3, 2017



Visit the studio with special guest artist, Jean Stephenson Leconte. Leconte, whose family has deep artistic roots throughout Haiti and the world, will be exhibiting his own work, as well as, his family's paintings. He will do a brief talk about the importance of Haitian Art, what he has learned growing up there, and the creative climate of Haiti. Come meet Jean and explore his unique artistic world. 

Musical Guests, The Petals, right from Highland Park, will be playing throughout the night. I stumbled upon them during Unblurred in Garfield , recently, and was blown away. Wear your helmets. You've been warned ;)

Meredith Dykstra is returning to the studio, after her having her FREE Gut Workshop here on August 30th. She will be serving organic mixed drinks and sharing info on how to detox into living your best. Food and Beverages sponsored by REVELATION HEALTH STORE located in Allison Park, PA

SixTHreeFouR is the pop up summer studio space of, artist, Kim Barry. It is an experimentational platform for her latest work and for invited guest creative friends from all over, to take over the space for an evening or more with their own ideas and experiments for an intimate evening with guest audiences.

WHEN: Sept 15, 2017

Every event is a donation based event, BYOB or whatever you like, and family friendly.
Children under 12 are included in an adult donation.

And feel free to invite some friends who you actually like spending more than 20 min real face time with.

Underlined Passages Oct 7, 2017 at SixTHreeFouR

Underlined Passages – Tandi My Dicafi 2017 TOUR 
Mike Nestor & Jamaal Turner return to the studio for a special intimate concert at SixTHreeFouR. Last Summer they visited during their Fantastic Voyage Tour and made mad fans of all of us. Come enjoy this amazing band this time around..... 

WHEN: OCT 7, 2017
Every event is a donation based event, BYOB or whatever you like, and family friendly.
Children under 12 are included in an adult donation. 

And feel free to invite some friends who you actually like spending more than 20 min real face time with.

Underlined Passages "leans towards the infections sounds of Bright Eyes and Eliott Smith, bursting into its almost mantra like chorus of “I have, I have, I have, I have a good life”, it’s hard not to get swept up into its overwhelming outlook on things. ‘-- Crossradar
full interview here

Learn more about Underlined Passages at

"Underlined Passages delivers a soulful, shoegaze sound with “Tandi My Dicafi”. Dreamy with ethereal vocals, the way the album unfolds gives it a reassuring air. Lyrics focus on a warm tender spirit, one that feels so welcoming. Elements of Underlined Passages adhere strongly to that pivotal late 80s/early 90s style while incorporating pieces of pop and indie rock with good measure. Guitars weave themselves together into a vast tapestry, one that constantly and continuously soars into the sky. By far the true heart of the album rests with the poetic powerful lyricism.

Things open with the neon-hued glow of “Feeling”. Synthesizer adds to the vibrancy of the song as the groove settles into a driving rhythm. Rather fast the song rushes by in a glorious blur. Physical beats hit hard on the muscular “Silverlake”. A western twang to the guitars adds to the overall spirit of the song, for with this piece Underlined Passages’ attention to detail recalls some of My Bloody Valentine’s best work. Easily the highlight of the album the pastoral “Your Bedroom” delves into an otherworldly charm, with the slow steady buildup creating a sense of intimacy. Full of life “Ruthenia” bursts with optimism and energy. Bringing things to a close the introspective “The Days Were Golden My Friends” opts for a more intimate approach referencing Mojave3’s kind spirit.

With “Tandi My Dicafi” Underlined Passages paints with a great swath of color, resulting in a summery airy atmosphere one filled with hope." - Beach Sloth publications

Friday, September 1, 2017

Getting Your Body Into Yes Workshop at SixTHreeFouR

Last night's Getting Your Body Into Yes Workshop wakes us all up to so much ..... complete with a Cicada background soundtrack 🙄😂 Enjoy the video ...... thank you to Meredith Dykstra Meryem Mammedova and Peter Luci whose care, research and generousity to share their stories and techniques saves all of us time, money and energy.

Gut Health workshop with Meredith Dykstra & Jenneta Mammedova---- 
Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut,” and modern science is proving these words to be true. Many studies show digestive challenges are the root cause of chronic inflammatory diseases, such as autoimmune disorders, various skin challenges, and also have a profound impact on mental health. 

Good gut health is fundamental to our physical and mental well-being, yet digestive disorders are more prevalent than ever. We need to make proactive efforts to protect our digestive systems from damage caused by pervasive environmental toxins like glyphosate sprayed on non-organic crops, GMOs, heavy metals, biotoxins like mold, and lifestyle factors like emotional and physical stress and poor sleep habits . . . But where do we start? 

Join us for Healthy Gut workshop, where health coach Meredith Dykstra, CHC and fermentation expert Meryem Mammedova will explain the importance of gut health, share key gut healing strategies, and offer homemade sample of gut healing foods and drinks. See you there!

Meredith Dykstra, C.H.C is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is on a mission to help people regain their health naturally, specifically in the areas of hormone balance, weight-loss, and anti-aging. Her personal story inspired her to educate and guide others, having dealt with hormone dysregulation, disordered eating, digestive challenges and chronic inflammation which significantly affected her quality of life. 

She returned to school to study nutrition and has trained with functional medicine practitioners along with doing relentless research. She now helps clients restore health naturally through diet and lifestyle changes and seeking to uncover the root cause of illness. She is a firm believer in the role that healing foods, a natural lifestyle, and positive mindset play on overall health. Visit her blog for free health tips, whole foods recipes, and healthy living advice. Meredith also offers private health coaching at Revelation Health, for more information call 888.600.0642 or email

Jenneta Mammedova hails from Krasnovodsk, Turkmenistan where natural foods, herbal remedies and fermentation are simply a part of everyday life, not a counter-cultural food movement. Jenneta's passion for health and nutrition topics are only eclipsed by her desire to educate others on these topics.

With years of experience studying, creating and experimenting with healing foods, her knowledge base is broad, however she specializes in examining gut health and children's diet.

Jenneta lives on the northside with her husband, son and daughter - 3 very patient guinea pigs for her culinary experiments.

Workshop on importance of gut health, common gut issues and solutions
Will feature Rev Health gut healing products and coaching services

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What's Up With the Molar Art?

from top down  "Half Wit" 2016 sculpture, top right "Self Contained II" 2016 bottom right, "Freddie" 2016 sculpture  "I Want" 2016 

Dental Art  ( My Molar Symbol) and Metaphysical Meanings have been a bit of an obsession for me. It's amazing how our teeth and jaw health impact our appetite for food and life. What we take through our mouths literally becomes us, so any trouble with our teeth limits our ability to grow and become larger than our problems. But it can go the other way as well. What comes from the heart is breathed to life through the language of words. What level of language one chooses to voice, can be a life-giving, breathe of fresh air or an onslaught of hatred and death. Either way, the teeth get hit first with the energy. They can be maintained, healed or destroyed that way.

For instance, tooth decay from irregular brushing or poor diet creates loss of teeth. But what else could it mean? Maybe one finds it hard to stick to routine and refuses to or doesn't know how to take care of one's long-term needs. Maybe one mistrusts authority, including their own. One becomes disconnected from life without teeth.

You can't eat or live, so allowing one's teeth to rot is a sign you give your power away.
It's time to make peace with your pricelessness. Find your purpose in life ad the courage to walk it.
You cannot be replaced and you deserve to be here. Spend more time outdoors and with people who love you no matter what.

How about grinding teeth? Maybe one is angry at not being able or allowed to communicate, be heard, or speak up. SO what happens physically? Weakened teeth, headaches, a stiff neck, limited bite, and lack of appetite.

Teeth signify natural truth, which belongs to exterior understanding and, in the opposite sense, the falsity which destroys this truth, is evident from the following passages in the Word.  This makes the life of this all about understanding.  They grind like a mill, preparing the food for the body's nourishment or the soul through wisdom. Check out "grinding of the teeth, knashing of the teeth" references in the Old Testament and other ancient texts.

The emptiness of teeth denotes scarcity of truth or "lack of bread." Tooth decay asks, "Are you biting off more than you can chew?"

In ancient Hebrew, the symbol of sin was the molar. It was called "Shin." We miss the mark. Think of archery. There is a target we aim for. We get close but rarely hit the center until we become masters at understanding the game. Everyone misses the mark in the game of life with many things. But are we strong enough to search for the truth,  learn the rules of this "game", the humility to accept, and the courage to stand by it and speak it when needed? If only we allowed the LIFE it breathed into ourselves and for others, the healing would show over time. That is my belief. Fear, Doubt, Pain, Death and Decay form over time in the self deception of living out lies. Speaking its language shows in the world one makes for oneself. If that could be exposed and left behind to greater existences for each person. Ready for that? It means changing from the inside out. That's the power behind the symbol of my molar. There it is.

Peace and Love.

photo credit Mark Hanauer

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Starting Tomorrow Check Out My Online Art Auction - June 15, 2017 noon

Welcome to the studio/ creative house known as SixTHreeFour and tour of some of the paintings available for the upcoming online auction starting Thursday June 15 thru 8pm June 19. FInd the auction at

To donate to my work, please find me on Patreon at

Kim Barry Studio Tour Part 4 for Online Art Auction June 15- June 19 2017

Welcome to the studio/ creative house known as SixTHreeFour and tour of some of the paintings available for the upcoming online auction starting Thursday June 15 thru 8pm June 19. FInd the auction at

Hi! Welcome to my world of art, adventures, studio events, and honest conversations that hopefully inspire open minds, open dialogue, and open doors. I have been travelling the country for the last ten years. During this journey, I have met so many wonderful people who inspire and get inspired to take life by the reins and live out their best imagination. I would like to grow an online platform to share these insights through online discussion. My work has been shown nationally and internationally, including the Carousel du Louvre in Paris FR. My work has been included in various t.v shows and specials including a James Franco filmed currently in post production.

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