Saturday, October 29, 2011

Press Release: West Eleven's 11.11.11 happening.

Kim Barry and Joey Thate are delighted to announce West Eleven’s first happening.
11. 11. 11.

They have invited , writer and creative visionary, Courtney Barriger, and singer/ song writer and cruel vocal temptress to ears everywhere ,  Rachel Borovik, to collaborate. 
7:30pm Courtney Barriger discusses her newly published book, “NightBook” and will have signed copies available. 

8:30pm Rachel Borovik graces us with a live set or two, (if we are good).
10:30pm Watch one of Kim’s infamous  “choice” movies from her classic , obscure and always entertaining collection. Prepare yourselves for cloud pillows to lounge upon during the music and the film .
As always, Kim and Joey will have an interactive installation revolving around the night’s juicy and not so juicy moments. Details are under wraps. 
Next door,  Ryan McIntosh and Danielle Lange , open their space “Art Is Shit” for their 1st exhibit 
Featuring new work by Brandon Andrew & Kayla Mattes
November 11, 2011 (One night only!)
Opening Reception 11/11/11, 6-10pm
Art Is Shit Editions proudly announces their first exhibition in their Los Angeles based gallery and print shop.  BLOW POP will feature new installation-based artwork along with exclusive limited edition prints by artists - Brandon Andrew and Kayla Mattes.
BLOW POP looks at these two artists connection to nostalgia from the 1990's.  By bringing back these relics and imagery from yesterday, both artists work appear to be a celebration, of sorts.  However, upon deeper scrutinizing you see another layer that exposes the purity and sincerity within its irony, where every celebration is equally matched with devastation.
The first exhibition in Los Angeles by Art Is Shit Editions continues to promote the shops mission - to provide passionate art collectors of all levels access to premium quality artwork by emerging contemporary artists who challenge and push the boundaries of art today.
Art Is Shit Editions - 642 Moulton Ave. W12. Los Angeles, CA 90031
Food, drinks, and great company will be here This is an invite only event. We ask for your presence and we ask that you kindly bring a gift of $10 to help us continue bringing good times for you
west eleven
642 mouton ave w-11, Los Angeles, CA   90031

Friday, October 14, 2011

New Website!

A complete catalogue of installations, paintings, and photography is now available to view at

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interview with Art Rocks! Radio Tomorrow 7pm

Disconnected II 2011 Kim Barry 

Tune in 7pm tomorrow night as ArtRocks! radio interviews Antoinette Ransom, director of Exhibit Ambush, and me about the upcoming, explosive Exhibit Ambush taking over San Diego's Gaslamp District Oct 22, 2011 at The Horton Plaza. Over 38,000 sq ft will be taken over by 50+ artists to create an underground subway station like you've never seen- filled with fashion, music, and installations of another world. Bring head gear.

For tickets, click this link

For more information regarding Exhibit Ambush click this link

To stream tomorrow night's radio interview, click the following link!.html

Art Rocks!

with your hosts :
Philly Joe Swendoza and Alexandra Rosa, Executive Producer and Co-Host
Listen Live Wednesday 7 PM Pacific Time

Live Show Time: ( - PST)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Turned On Installation at West Eleven

The concept came in two parts for "Turned On", which opened at West Eleven, Oct 1, 2011. This is a painting without canvas, a patent pending chemical combination that I came across a couple of years ago. Once set and dried, this piece is highly flexible, durable, and reworkable. It can be installed on walls, floors, ceilings, or a combination of all three multiple times and, thereby, gives the illusion of paint being poured directly on a surface and frozen, wet,  mid-movement. It is free of any canvas constraint. 

The current layout gives the illusion that the paint "oozes" from an electrical socket to the right, drips down the wall, onto the floor as you see here, below

The next three pictures, below, show a detail of the flexibility and movement of the paint

Above, a view of the painting itself, at an angle, 13'x 8' which contains the visual representation of the myths described in the book,
" The Golden Bough" 
In it, we are described as having a much more mystical, magical inner world than we allow ourselves. We are more than our daily actions of waking up, turning off the alarm, getting to work on time (or else run the risk of getting fired), work mindlessly, fight traffic, cook dinner, watch tv, go to bed, and reset again tomorrow. We have creative impulses, unique to each person, as represented by the dancers in red and gray in the picture below. We move through life by these impulses --picking up and taking away moments that add great potential energy to the world around us.

 Can you see the dancers?

From left to right of the painting, we begin with the detail below shows the Adam figure entering the world.

Below is a detail capturing the people in movement through their lives

Below, a detail of the far right of the piece that represents the womb of life from which we are created

As the dancers move throughout, they strive for the highest of heights as shown below

or begin to fall into the despairs, struggles, and loss as detailed in the pictures below

It is all how we choose to live through our ideas, beliefs, and as a by product, our actions
By adding "Tad," the man, in this setting, his presence represents someone in our physical reality who has been mentally opened up to this inner reality of creative awareness and has become immersed or "Turned On" by the energy of it. Hence the symbolism of the electrical socket being the source of the painting

For further questions or to view in person
please contact Kim Barry

Currently on exhibit at

West Eleven
642 Mouton Ave W-11
Los Angeles, CA 90031
818 416 4149

American Values Part II

Here are some highlights of the "American Values Part II" Installation that opened at West Eleven, Saturday Oct 1, 2011. This public interactive piece establishes the story of "Fat Man" with the help of a ,Pete the Pod, character.  His words are written on the tablet below with Pete in the grass as he greets curious visitors. After each visitor reads the story of Fat Man, they are asked to share their "fat man" in their own lives, how they deal, and advice for Pete to help his fellow pods. 

As written on the tablet, above

"Pete the Pod, here. 

And behind me, meet Fat Man. Kinda looks like Mr. Clean meets Stay Puff.  Hey, I may be a pod but I watch t.v..  We're not cavemen. 

 Myth has it he used to be a pod, just like you and me....well,  me.  Growing up, he used to crack shell with the best of them. But something in him lacked the ability to feel satisfied in his own shell. At first, it was too small. Then he learned about how to play keep away on the playground and then he shorten the game to just  "keep. " It made for a quick game.  And he grew. At first, his tree was so proud of their pod from the branch getting big time. He really transformed into something more than any one of us could have ever imagined for ourselves. And he got all the chicks. Money, food, and luxuries were his for the taking it seemed. More and more and more and more. A few tree sheddings ago,  he claimed himself The King of Pods as his inherent duty to serve us as he is so accomplished in his own endeavors. We, from the block, rallied our hometree pod, and most pods outside our local tree tuned in to  his t.v. (tree vessel )commercials and saw the savior they all thought they needed. He had gone from small time pod to the great Fat Man!!

 Once he was officially acknowledged as such, he found that some reappropriations were in order for the betterment of all pods. In order to do his job at 100% mental capability, 80% of our food goes to fuel his brain power to maximize his ideas for  our best interest for ourselves. Very logical. 90% of our income from tree sap goes to his account well cause he obviously has the best brain power to do the best with it, right? What were we going to do with it anyway? Buy new shells? Crazytalk. And of course, 90% of our land is his since he IS 900% bigger than us.  And he gets all the chicks, ..... at least, first. It's his way of giving his blessing and sharing his greatness with us all.

 Now he needs to protect everything he has collected. He was the hero in created jobs in the tree sap industry.  Only later did we realize he was the only who could afford to use it. And use it he did with planes, tanks, personal jets, and a personal army-- to protect us, ofcourse.  But now things are getting out of control. Seems some of the pods have been starting to ask questions. And if you get too close, it could go pretty bad for a pod with a petition. He says  he doesn't mean to squish anyone, he just doesn't see them while he is hard at work. So, we need some advice on what to do to balance things out .  

Do you have a Fat Man? Tell me about it by writing it in the book.  And tell me what you would do if you were me. "


fat man vs the pods

He gets the chicks

The following pics below capture the shared words of visitors for Pete.  Click the photo to enlarge

For more information about this work
please contact us at

or visit us by appt at 

West Eleven
642 Moulton Ave W-11
Los Angeles, CA 90031
inside the Brewery 
 818 416 4149

To all who Came