Friday, September 14, 2018

Art Therapy at DBO Gallery

Art Therapy Sessions Now Available

DBO Gallery is pleased to announce a new experience for visitors to take advantage of. We know how important it is to excercise your creative side. Sometimes for pure joy. Sometimes for therapy in working thru the challenges, upsets, and surprises we find ourselves in from time to time. Life tells us to squash it and stay in survival mode. But to be healthy in our minds, bodies, and spirit, all that energy needs to be processed. What better way than to take time out during your week and paint inside a gallery for an afternoon?
You visit Tuesday thru Friday between 2pm and 6pm with or without an appt- just call or text Kim Barry at 412 370 7446 when you are on your way. For a Saturday afternoon, We are not usually open but will by appt only of 4 people or more and pre pay. For $25 per person, you have up to 3hrs of time at DBO Gallery. We are happy to provide water, access to bathrooms and clean up stations. Bring your materials you would like to work with and enjoy. It’s that simple. We accept cash, Venmo, or Square. Please no checks.
As artists, we realize most of why we do what we do is along the lines to processing our own therapies on one level or another. Ola, Sam, and I are committed to sharing that space and opportunity with anyone who would like to explore this as well. We look forward to having you here to share inspiration and get a new perspective on life.

DBO Gallery
65 Arcade Alley Suites #69 & #73
Nashville, TN 37219
931 368 8834
or 412 370 7446 direct appt line

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: DBO Gallery Opening of "Things I Should Finally Address" Art Exhibition

"Cicada" by Jennifer Lee Thompson
mixed media on paper
available to collect 

"Things I Should Finally Address" Opening Night Art Exhibit

Where: DBO Gallery located on the second floor of the Nashville Arcade - 65 Arcade Alley #69 Nashville, TN 37219
Time: 6pm- 9pm
The exhibit will run Oct. 6, 2018 thru Oct. 27, 2018

Jennifer Lee Thompson is a 1995 graduate of The Savannah College of Art & Design with a BFA in fine art. After college, she relocated to Atlanta and participated in a number of group shows. This will be her first exhibition in Nashville.

Artist Statement
These paintings began over 2 years ago. I got back into painting after a 10 year hiatus. I find my inspiration in nature, especially the insect world. The earlier paintings, "Insect Tree" and "Walking Stick" are more about the beauty and fascination I have with them. In more recent paintings, they have become a vehicle to express my emotional state and hide behind a familiar subject. "Things I Should Finally Address" has a millipede as its subject matter but is about my long term chronic illness, many hospitalizations, surgeries, and finally a somewhat "cure." The under paintings include maps of the Atlanta area which is where I first became sick. As I was finishing this painting, my husband and partner of 18 years passed away in September 2017. The next two paintings became about loneliness and depression. "How I Feel At Night While Alone" has an opposum-like creature as its subject since they are mostly solitary and nocturnal. As always, there are maps having personal meanings underneath. "Moth Mode" has a Luna moth as its' subject. The adult moths lack a mouth and are unable to eat as I felt during low days. The work is a metaphor for the journeys we take through dark times into light. My subject matter, though, deeply personal, can be connecting to those who have struggled in their own battles of the mind, body, and heart.

We are also celebrating the addition of Suite #73 to our current Suite #69 inside the Nashville Arcade the new, larger exhibit space for DBO Gallery. We are now offering “Art Therapy” sessions during regular hours or by appt. inside the gallery. Take an hour or two for you to get fresh perspective, new ideas, and peace to express what needs to be released. Bring your own materials and paint to your heart’s content. Individuals come as you wish. For larger parties, contact us to schedule a company or organizational workshop.

DBO Gallery- Downtown Nashville is the brainchild of artist, Olasubomi Aka-Bashorun. Having opened a DBO Gallery in Clarksville in May 2018, he teamed up with artist, Sam Welch, to find a Downtown location within the Arts District. Located inside The historic Nashville Arcade, the gallery is surrounded by a great community of artist studios. Bashorun & Welch welcomed recent Nashville transplant, Kim Barry, into the fold as a represented artist, partner, and gallery director.

Olasubomi Aka-Bashorun is an artist born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma. He graduated with an art degree from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2010 and now lives and works in the Middle Tennessee area. His work focuses on expressionistic portraits, Nashville’s urban landscapes, and large scale public murals.
Sam Welch, a native of Nashville, is a creative entrepreneur in bringing platforms, events, and spaces to artists. As an artist, himself, he leans towards the blend of street art through the eyes of a optimistic anarchist.

Kim Barry, a Pittsburgh-born artist and recent transplant to Nashville, has travelled the country created experimental art studios - Suite 106 in Florida, West Eleven in Los Angeles, and, most recently SixTHreeFouR in Pittsburgh, PA.
HOURS : 2pm - 6pm TUES - FRI or by APPT.
FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CONTACT or call 913 368 8834