Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Fractured Sacred

So This was the photo op of the night... Here's a little backstory...... "The FracturedSacred" 72"X 36 acrylic on Canvas. The real feminist "fight " is preserving the beauty of the gift we are given, love and preserve the body we are provided, and protect innocence, Joy and peace of life. Once a child, girl or boy, exposed to seductive to brutal rape, abuse, and exploitation, come to think pain, hate and mutilation of self and others is "love" and thus fight for that, instead. That is the end of any true beauty. I wonder, is this the true root of the rape epidemic? Envy of another's perceived beauty, joy and or innocence and, by default, have pain replace love? To consume the other rather than support, befriend and protect the other? This is a fractured, fallen world. This is not the end, nor ideal. Sorry to burst an ego bubble or two, but In light of the world's fruit, Women are not goddesses, just as men are not gods. We create the body but not the souls of the future . Both men and women are complimentary vessels that have the power to breathe life or death into each other and every soul with a temporary use of the body. I'm so tired of seeing the conversation of death winning over life and too many accept it as the only language left in the world so they pass the hot potato of pain to the next person. This is not the highest nature of ourselves or a reflection of God. It just takes time and humility to accept the fruit of a destructive nature, change course and learn the language that preserves life. Look into another's eyes- you can see the difference it makes. This painting is for all the ladies ( and men ) I have had the honor of being a confidant in the struggles to stay gold no matter the punches in this often confusing and contradictory dimension. Furthermore, This painting is for all the women and men around the world who are used and abused as vessels for others to express rage, hate, lust, and brutality instead of love. Love each other until you come across a person wanting to express death to your body and soul. when there is no conversation left to discuss, Then defend to the death. There lies the true fight for the feminine -A honorable fight- inclusive to everyone. The rest is derivative.