Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Pledge & Become a Member of the New Kim Barry Studio in Downtown Nashville

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Grand Opening of Kim Barry Studio - Downtown Nashville

"YesBomb" limited photographic print by Kim Barry


Kim Barry Studio opens at Diana Warner Studio inside the Nashville Arcade. We are celebrating with art, drinks, food, and a special guest DJ appearance by Michael Hilton. Come,collect, dance, and enjoy. 

WHAT: Grand Opening of Kim Barry Studio
WHEN: Saturday Jan. 5, 2019    during the First Bank First Saturday Downtown ArtCrawl
TIME: 6pm - 9pm
WHERE: Suite 70 second floor Nashville Arcade 65 Arcade Alley Nashville, TN 37219
CONTACT: 412 370 7446

NASHVILLE, TN   We are so pleased to announce the first brick and mortar creative space for Kim Barry Studio in The Downtown Arts District of Nashville, TN. To celebrate proper, we have special musical guest, Michael Hilton, from the Sun Generation Record live DJ music maker European circuit. 

Kim Barry, a Pittsburgh-born, internationally exhibited artist and recent transplant to Nashville. Her work has travelled the the world since 2001, including The Louvre's L'Art Contemporaire Festival 2015. She has travelled the country creating experimental art studios - Suite 106 in Florida, West Eleven in Los Angeles, &  SixTHreeFouR in Pittsburgh, PA. She was a recent represented artist and gallery director at DBO Gallery. She is so pleased to join the 5th Ave Arts District and be welcomed into Diana Warner Studio. She will be displaying work from her catalogue which can be found online at 

Michael Hilton started his career in Italy at the young age of 16 DJing on the local party circuit, and paying his dues by “spinning” at weddings for family and friends, went professional in 1994. His style is unique, creative and elegant that leans towards house, deephause, electronic, and tekhouse .......His influences, and friends, include miki the dolphin - francesco farfa and stefano d'andrea 

Additional represented artists are Toronto based artist, Stephen Shellenberger and Nashville based artist, Jennifer Thompson. 

We have limited prints of a new series of work by Stephen Shellenberger, “KIDZArt.” Art for families to collect for their children to have for a lifetime, beginning in the nursery and original newsprint work from his Pittsburgh exhibition "Recycled & Reclaimed" at SixThreeFouR in Pgh, PA from Fall of 2017. 

Stephen Shellenberger 
Artist Statement : I want to encourage families to invest in their children’s future by collecting art for them. For this reason I have created art that is meant for children, for their rooms and art that will be with them forever. I believe art is for all of us, regardless of age or social status, money. Art makes the heart sing and imagine a young newborn, with art on his or her walls, the joy that baby will experience. The art will be their art for their entire life!

Artist Bio:
Stephen Shellenberger is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, filmmaker, playwright and actor. He has exhibited his work in Canada, the United States and Europe. His work has been featured in magazines and can be found in both private and corporate collections around the globe. Shellenberger has several successful solo exhibitions to his credit and has been selected for prominent group shows such as the Collectionner L'art sponsored by the Association des Galeries d'art Contemporain. One of the reasons his work strikes such a cord with people: the artist recycles anything and everything and reclaims it with paint.
Shellenberger loves the notion that things with history bring much more to a work of art than something fresh from the art store; he celebrates their past, integrating those memories with his own vision. If art is the voice and language of the artist, then Shellenberger clearly has something interesting to say.

"The artists job is to be a witness to his time in history." 
-Robert Rauschenberg 
(He owned a small painting of Stephen's)

From Jennifer Thompson, we have limited editon prints from her recent exhibition, "Things I Should Finally Address" at DBO Gallery. Jennifer Lee Thompson is a 1995 graduate of The Savannah College of Art & Design with a BFA in fine art. After college, she relocated to Atlanta and participated in a number of group shows.

Artist Statement
These paintings began over 2 years ago. I got back into painting after a 10 year hiatus. I find my inspiration in nature, especially the insect world. The earlier paintings, "Insect Tree" and "Walking Stick" are more about the beauty and fascination I have with them. In more recent paintings, they have become a vehicle to express my emotional state and hide behind a familiar subject. "Things I Should Finally Address" has a millipede as its subject matter but is about my long term chronic illness, many hospitalizations, surgeries, and finally a somewhat "cure." The under paintings include maps of the Atlanta area which is where I first became sick. As I was finishing this painting, my husband and partner of 18 years passed away in September 2017. The next two paintings became about loneliness and depression. "How I Feel At Night While Alone" has an opposum-like creature as its subject since they are mostly solitary and nocturnal. As always, there are maps having personal meanings underneath. "Moth Mode" has a Luna moth as its' subject. The adult moths lack a mouth and are unable to eat as I felt during low days. The work is a metaphor for the journeys we take through dark times into light. My subject matter, though, deeply personal, can be connecting to those who have struggled in their own battles of the mind, body, and heart.

HOURS : 2pm - 6pm TUES - FRI or by APPT.
FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CONTACT or call 412 370 7446