Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Death to Fat Man

As the time in my space in LA, West Eleven, was coming to a close in the fall of 2012, one thing was for sure. Fat Man, my nefarious creation, needed to be dealt with in all his gluttonous, icky, preverted, greedy glory. He was born earlier in the year from an idea to create a sculpture that embodied the various industries and powers that destroy the soul of beauty and true goodness in the world. He did his job many times over throughout the year at West Eleven and even added humor to the heaviness he symbolized. I grew to really love the dude. But I needed a change in myself and in the direction of my art. I kept looking at him as I was packing up to move to Pittsburgh as a new homebase and well, something needed to shift. Something needed a release from all the heaviness of compromised consciousness that I was constantly battling in LA and in my tiny little way, attempt to release others from its mental bondage of sorts. SO, What to do.....Invite my family and a few good friends over for a "Death to Fat Man" moment after we load up the U-haul......aaaaand someone brought a bag of golfclubs. It was on. 

It was the last event per se at my lovely creative house I was so grateful to have had the time in and that brought so many amazing people into my life. Enjoy the pics. Release your own fat man any way you can. Fat Man still lives here in Pittsburgh, for sure. But let's just say, he is a shadow of the power he once was. He continues to  keep the stories going for sure. 

Original Installation of Fat Man premiering at The 2011 Fall Brewery Artwalk in the courtyard of West Eleven

Fat Man's last job announcing my moving sale to the Brewery hood.

my little cousin went straight for the balls. nice. 

mom's got swing in her as my cuz documents.

Fat Man getting resurrected at my studio, SixTHreeFouR in Pittsburgh Summer 2014......