Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Women and Socially Conscious Art" --- Art & Inspiration Intl.

Art & Inspiration Intl with William Rock will be meeting this Thursday at 7pm at the Shaler Library. I have been invited to speak for
part of the evening on the topic, "Women and Socially Conscious Art." This is a deeply layered issue. How does socially conscious art shape the perspectives from the artist to the audience? Is it just as powerful or more as a perspective filter to an individual's career to be accepted, understood, and succeed as is personal perspective in the face of society and technique in communicating what is
seen by the individual? Expect a surprise perspective or two. Hope to see some friendly faces in the room and look forward to it. This is a great Arts Forum. Here is a bit from my last visit. Thank you for having me, again. Look forward to it.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Up Next at SixTHreeFouR


Join us for a unique performance of Shakespeare's brutally controversial play, TITUS. Cup-A-Jo Productions and Kim Barry Studio bring Shakespeare into the 21st century by blending performance art, an original live rock score, and an interactive stage within the pop up summer studio and gardens, SixTHreeFouR. 

Cup-A-Jo Productions was formed by performance artist and poet, Joanna Lowe. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Lowe captivates audiences through original performances and staged theater productions. Her interpretation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus converges classic myth of the ages with truths, and half-truths of today.

Kim Barry founded pop up creative studios Suite 106 in Florida, West Eleven in Los Angeles, and most recently SixTHreeFouR in Pittsburgh, PA. Within her various spaces, she creates interactive environments that include paintings, sculptures, music, movement and installations. Her pieces connect inner myths and symbolism to our seemingly disconnected outer world. For, Titus Andronicus, she creates blurred spacial lines and timeless interactions for the performers and the audience.

SixTHreeFouR is the summer pop up studio of artist, Kim Barry. Set within her family's property, it plays upon the shadows of 5 familial generations, structures, nature, sculptures and art installation. It is an experimentational platform for her latest work and a space to invite creative collaborators, to take over the space for an event with their own ideas and experiments for an intimate evening.

Performance Dates
Sept 30 -opening night
Oct. 6
Oct 7

Gate opens at 7:30pm
Performance begins at 8pm
Due to the adult content and mature subject matter, not recommended for children under 18

Monday, August 15, 2016

SIxTHreeFouR midseason update

The summer pop up studio is now half way through it's third season and it's been one heck of a ride so far with happenings of amazing guests artists from all over the country. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the studio in performance and most importtantly for all the beautiful and generous Pittsburgh support of the arts and joie de vivre...

Here are some highlights...

my summer 2016 interactive art installation, "Campground" --

the Dream Map

Grammy Nominated, Sammy Miller and The Congregation open the 2016 Season....

Underlined Passages and Absolution Key visit the studio Memorial Day Weekend.....

pre-gaming with Mike Nestor of Underlined Passages

Rich Marcinek of Underlined Passages

momma Bev

tire swings and indie rock....yes please


Absolution Key & Underlined Passages

Lighting the Gun

Studio installation "Sweet Tooth"

Tango Night with Alejandro Pinzon & Tom Roberts - Resaca Duo

dancers- Peter Boucher & Elisabeth Wheeler

respect the Dom

view to the gardens of Campground

 Rachel B & The Boys film their latest video...

Joanna Lowe --- Confessions

Alba Flamenca Under the Stars.... 

NYC's Mosey Jones & The Skates fly in.......

Siamese Twins and their wall of sound art jazz

Boudoir Noir and Johanna Chastek take on a thunderous evening and win......