Monday, June 21, 2010

Portrait Series Has Begun-- Updated

"Olivia" 2010

"Mother" 2010

"Coffee Break" 2010

For years now, I have actively avoided painted anything that resembled a reenactment of anything pre-set for me-- a scene, a picture, anything around our current surroundings and limited by our 5 senses. Being raised on the tit of scenic artists and grad student teachers so willing to make you their copiers to get the grade, I was over it. It was too easy to recreate what was in front of me. I am copying yet again. A little technical ability and it soon felt like I was well on my way to become a paint it by numbers mass producing Red Roof Inn hotel artist. What about the emotion underneath all this matter? The soul of it all if you will. I went to a funeral in 2002. I lady I knew to be feisty as hell and tough as nails. When I looked in the coffin , the essence was gone. Even her technically correct features weren't right anymore. She was not there. I began to search for that vibrancy that is life. So, there explains the last 4 years of my journey in and around figurative abstracts. Reality is not in the technical details for me but in the energy and vibrancy that runs through the details. But throughout, I have kept the idea of going back to portraits once I felt I could satisfy both demons. For me, I can only paint those who I have great understanding of and a great emotional investment in. I need to tap into their essence before ever feeling right lifting the brush. It's the only way for me. I have been collecting photos dear to me and preparing to attempt this. Feeling a bit technically amnesia-tic I figure the best person to begin this project with is myself, Here is the start.

Suite 106
at The Landing
an OFF THE GRID Gallery
in fellowship with Downtown Vision
and The Jacksonville Cultural Council

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