Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conflicted and Compartmentalized

"What Have We Done?"
Acrylic, charcoal, canvas, 1970s iron-ons for Chug-A-Mug Beer on Gypsum 2011
Kim Barry 

So, here I am at the beginning of  2012, my Dragon year (roar.)  —  visualizing my own path through this new experience of LA as a more and less romantic artist during what no one in that little box most people have chosen to live through will name---



We all helped to make a darn good milkshake of an economy for a few years, but the one, two, three people in the universe holding the straws are the big winners. Get it? This is not a difficult concept so why fain shock each time a-----nother story comes out of some dumpy dude who looks like your next door neighbor but , big difference, he owns the rights to the population of India and actually exploits them.  Of course he will and is and does while riding carnival ponies in some Secret Owl Camp in Thailand.

Look the real question is, Why is there ever a conversation on the table about one or a few having mass rights over mass people, money, land, water, air, DNA??? Seriously? To tolerate any part of this conversation is mutiny of anything  human. It's  like resurrecting  Hitler  and giving him a reality show because your ratings suck and it is sure to be a hit. YEAH. You bank that money until the audience really believes his forum and next thing you know, we have little Aryan youth running around reenacting, one of my personal life changing childhood viewing displeasures-"Children of The Corn." And instead of Malachai, they are looking for you, buddy. At that point, all your money is good for is to wipe your  bum bum when you hear the film score suddenly playing in your office. As for me, I am with Linda Hamilton in and under all circumstances. (Yes she is in THAT movie).

Point? Short term, self masturbating gains versus long run poo stains of a mass reality that limits our capacity to fully enjoy this experience called LIFE

One thing I find myself repeating in conversation, is this-- "What Happens Above, Happens Below". In Reaganomic terms, which btw, talk about resurrecting what should be dead, think of the concept I am trying to get across as Trickle Down Societal Trends, Trickle Down Societal Values, Trickle Down Mental States, or if you will, Trickle Down My Money on My Mindset.

In these terms, what does it say about our current, upscale, world-running circles of society by looking at a certain mirror of our Trickle Down Society like , oh, I don't know........ The Los Angeles Craigslist- gig section, for one?

As a very resourceful, fairly intelligent, capable person with an aesthetic eye for everything, I figured as I reach for the larger star of my deepest heart's desire, I can surely lock down some basic, fun, creative gigs in order to survive while meeting some great creative minds- it's LA. Right? Ok yes, I actually do have a small tattoo of "NAIVE" on my forehead- eff you very much.

Well, apparently, the vast Craigslist scope of creativity that generates the actual appearance of money includes  the not so adult word of, "Adult." How many blatent, boring, boobie routines, cheap poses, dominatrix, booty shaking scenarios can people really handle? Apparently, it is a bottomless well. I am fully preparing myself to  even see a new trend in certain false prophet, prosperity preaching churches begin advertising "Pole Up for Jesus" commercials.


"Take your pick, Mistress Misty Mooncooch."

"Gee, I don't know, feeling kinda camel today......"

Do these folks reflect on the knowledge that their college graduate darling dears are entering this base mental reality that they have directly and indirectly funded and profited from for generations? It's not just the dirty secret of sex, drugs, and exploitation of all resources and people in Rangoon. Greed over the years has brought it right to everyone's doorstep, right HERE, and we all deal with it or deny with it on a daily basis. It's such a cesspool, no wonder they migrate to SuperSuburbiaThemeparkFantasyLandTown and add gates.

Seems before, during, and after the fervor of Americana created from WWII, a few of America's largest corporations began secretly flirting with overseas child labor, overseas cheap labor, sex trade, and drug carteling while publicly presenting their loyalty to their "Homeland", wearing ducky print pants, and showing the public world their best "Father Knows Best" face. OK, the ducky pants totally rule, but I digress.  A couple of years ago, while I was living another life in StepfordWifeLand, my neighbor, Bonny Doohickey, was using these same tactics for her etsy gift bag line. WTF?????

So, I struggle. I struggle to keep my character at a personal, professional, and human level. I have seemingly had it all but not really, and have had nothing and yet, have had it all. I believe I can combat this Trickle Down Depression by, no matter how hard the choice I have to make, and People, I have had  some doozies, just do the Spike Lee thing.

These last weeks for me have been a rare time of silence from the outside world. I have thrown out enough positive, outreaching opportunity ammo into the universe to light up Morrisey' and Robert Smith's moods to a level worthy of a Richard Simmons Morning Workout. Now, as the dust settles with opportunities of all kinds, I sweep up the crap "creative opportunities" so the real ones will have a place. In the meantime, I have NEVER been able to sit still. So, I read. I reflect. I remember I have this old book from my grandfather's collection-oooooo. yes.

This morning I hit upon a passage that I feel is a good soundboard against the compartmentalized and conflicted value making we create as individuals and, as we come together and interact, create a mass compartmentalized and conflicted society.

Here goes....

"One of the most important functions of religion is to give faith to individuals so that each can believe that, whatever his handicaps, it is possible for him to develop a capacity to serve beyond his seeming capabilities. When people lose this sense of self worth, they tend to slip into the gray human mass out of which collectivist nations are built. Our Lord is quite specific as to the responsibility of each individual to develop his gifts and increase his talents. Lest they should become selfish, He is most specific of all in teachings which stress out duty toward God and our neighbor.  A free society rests upon this delicate balance between individual growth and sacrificial love. No society can be Christian without an equal distribution of both. Personal creativity without love becomes tyranny, love without creativity becomes static."
- Austin Pardue from his book "Create and Make New," First Edition 1952

Let's get it right.

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