Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"Breaking Bad" Art Installation 2013

Some things held sacred and in secret, simply box in with a hypnotic carnival of illusions defining life. With one drop of a mustard seed of truth and faith, the sacred and secret illusion breaks down.  If you have the courage to allow the collapse, align with the mustard seed, and resist the urge to keep or rebuild your given box, then you are truly free. No more living in cubicles or pixels. 

 "Breaking Bad" 2013

Mini version of a Lifesize Public Interactive Installation 
Solid Black Cube,  Mustard Seed, 4 Sided Black Cube with Hypnotic Colored Pattern exposes the inside, Puzzle Pieces of the inside and outside of the Cubes, Metal 1940's Sailor Man 

Kim Barry
the sacred black cube

truth descending
the mustard seed falls on the black cube

impact of the mustard seed begins to reveal the inner illusions


Free indeed

Alternative Angles and Pictures of 

"Breaking Bad" original art installation by Kim Barry: 

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