Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Women and Socially Conscious Art" --- Art & Inspiration Intl.

Art & Inspiration Intl with William Rock will be meeting this Thursday at 7pm at the Shaler Library. I have been invited to speak for
part of the evening on the topic, "Women and Socially Conscious Art." This is a deeply layered issue. How does socially conscious art shape the perspectives from the artist to the audience? Is it just as powerful or more as a perspective filter to an individual's career to be accepted, understood, and succeed as is personal perspective in the face of society and technique in communicating what is
seen by the individual? Expect a surprise perspective or two. Hope to see some friendly faces in the room and look forward to it. This is a great Arts Forum. Here is a bit from my last visit. Thank you for having me, again. Look forward to it.


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